Causality activation is account-based, and is activated by signing into the app using your Hollywood Camera Work account.


After purchasing or subscribing to Causality, you must create your account if you don't already have one.
Register using the same email used for the order or subscription, this is how your purchase is matched with your account. You can also add additional email addresses to your account if you've purchased under different email addresses.
Afterwards, you'll see your purchase or subscription on the Orders page:


You simply sign into the app.
Causality can be activated on two concurrent devices. This can be extended per-user for people with many devices, as long as they're the only person using Causality on those devices. We don't desire to limit the number of devices people can use the app on, we only want to prevent account-sharing.
The app needs the ability to see the server at least once per month, and will deactivate if it hasn't seen the server in a month. If you need to remain off the internet for an extended period of time (screenwriting on a mountain in Tibet), we can extend the grace period per-user.


To release an activation, simply sign out of Causality again.
If you've accidentally uninstalled Causality without deactivating, you can always reset your activations on the App Activations page in the control panel:
Press the "2 Devices" link and click Reset in the dialog. You will now need to sign in again on all devices.

Team Activations / License Sharing

It's possible for a single person to purchase licenses in bulk and distribute them to their team or institution. This is also managed on the App Activations page:
Every team member must also register an account. The administrator can then add every team member as users of the license pool.
The administrator can over-subscribe the licenses, for example adding 50 users even if there are only 20 licenses in the pool. Licenses are then distributed based on the Priority setting, with 9 being a higher priority and 1 being a lower priority. Default is 5.
If there are no free licenses in the pool, a user with a higher priority will kick out a user with a lower priority, whose app will then immediately deactivate. Users with an equal priority will not kick each other out, but will retain their seat. The administrator can also manually reset individual users' activations, or remove them as users of the license pool, in which case their apps will immediately deactivate.
Every activated team member has the full benefits of their license, including being able to activate multiple devices. There's no material difference between being a user of a shared license versus a license they purchased themselves, except that the administrator can kick them out.