Getting Around

This section covers the five main ways of getting around in Causality.

Full Screen

Each area in Causality can be taken full screen using the Esc/Tilde (~) keys. Simply click anywhere in the area and then Esc/~. And click Esc/~ again to return to normal view.
The Script has separate settings in normal view and full screen. So your normal view might show snippets while your full screen view shows the final script:
The Whiteboard also has a mini-timeline for overview purposes that shows fewer tracks and can be collapsed:

Whiteboard Panning

The Whiteboard can be panned by clicking in any blank area and dragging. You can also hold the Spacebar, in which case you can click anywhere to pan, including on objects.
The Whiteboard also responds to touchpad panning, but pinch-zooming isn't fully supported yet.

Whiteboard Zooming

The Whiteboard has three primary zoom levels that you toggle between using the Tab key, Work Zoom, Overview Zoom and Super Overview:
This is an extremely handy workflow for getting around in your story. Press Tab to go to Overview Zoom, pan where you need to go, and then press Tab again to go to Work Zoom. It's like you lift to a bird's eye view for navigation, and then drop back to regular zoom for actual work.
Additionally, Shift-Tab shows a Super Overview of your whole story. It can be selected in the Preferences whether this shows the entire story, or just fits it vertically.
You can additionally zoom incrementally by holding the Cmd (Mac) / Ctrl (Win) key and scrolling with the mouse.
Trackpad pinch-zooming isn't fully implemented yet.
The three standard zoom levels can also be accessed from the toolbar:

Push Tool

A fundamental tool on the Whiteboard is the Push Tool, which you access by holding the Cmd (Mac) / Ctrl (Win) keys, and dragging objects to the left and right. Pushing increases space for inserting new plot, and it's a tool you use many times an hour in Causality.
The Push tool can also be accessed using the multi-arrow icon in the toolbar:

Timeline Panning / Zooming

The Timeline can be panned by dragging any empty area. The Timeline is zoomed using the Cursor Up/Down keys.